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                                    Robert & Donna Elliott

(photo: The Palace of Versailles near Paris, France, 2002)


Welcome one and all to our Elliott branch.  We continue to research for links to all our interconnected Surnames and hope that you'll find a match or can provide possible family connections and let us know.


The Francis Elliott navigation tab on the left of the home page contains my most current list of descendants and relationships to my earliest known ancestor, Francis Elliott.  There is a possibility that Francis Elliott’s father may have been Thomas Elliott, who died around 1814, and his mother’s name may have been Mary (last name unknown), but I have not found any verifiable evidence to date.


This family information, along with all my other families can be viewed and/or downloaded as a .pdf file.  I've updated all of the .pdf files as of April, 2015 and removed some incorrect names, dates and links and added a few others as they became available.  As with all genealogy research, it's always a work in progress.


My earliest known ancestors were from Donegal, Ireland and immigrated to Canada somewhere around 1838-1841, just before the great potato famine.  There's quite a factual and interesting 1995 BBC drama out on DVD that describes the potato famine in Donegal during that time.  "THE HANGING GALE" (meaning: periodical payment of rent) is a two DVD set starring four McGann brothers as portrayed in 1846 Donegal.


Some of the Elliott surname links, although not all are found on the Francis Elliott tab: Alwin, Beamish, Blake, Boyd, Brown, Christensen, Ernst, Gruening, Hancock, Hickey, Kinsman, Knox, Malone, McKinney, McSherry, Strate, Turner, Waldhart and Yeo.  You will also find a viewable and downloadable .pdf files on the Alwin, Beamish, Christensen and Malone tabs.


Robert L. Elliott & Donna D. Elliott (nee Malone)

Monument, Colorado USA