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Contacts & Links

For further information, please contact us at: elliottusafamily@msn.com

Below are but a few of the many web sites that I’ve found to be both helpful & informative when searching for Elliott Genealogy records. I’m sure there are many more and once found will try to add them in future web site updates.  If you find any broken links please let us know.
If you haven't discovered so already, there are quite numerous spelling and date errors found on the various document data bases that are found globally.  Mathew may have one or two t's and Alice might be found as Allice, etc.  Even the same person may show a different birth or death date that has changed over the data base years. 

This one may be of particular interest to you if you would like to research your Elliott DNA: Family Tree DNA

Elliot Clan Society: The official Elliot Clan Society website is avirtual gathering place for all Elliots, Elliotts, Eliotts, Eliots and anyone else who is interested in the Clan's history.

Elliott Family Genealogy Forum on Genealogy.com

Ancestral Scotland-Border Heritage: A commercial site but has books and videos of Elliot and other border clans.

Family Search

Irish Roots

Genealogy HelpList Canada: A site that has volunteers to look up specific info on Genealogy in Canada. I used a volunteer for help and he was successful in finding much needed family names and records, even sending me copies of the needed records.



Ontario Locator: Look up Counties or Districts in Ontario, Canada.


PRONI: The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.


Ulster Historical Foundation: Genealogy research on Irish, Scots-Irish ancestry in Ulster.


U.S. National Archives & Records Administration (NARA): A Federal agency that oversees the management of all Federal records.